YA'Fi, striking and self-propelled training lap

    Our brand's flagship product, YA'Fi marks the beginning of YA'Fabrik's history!


C'est avec une immense fierté que nous vous annonçons que YA'Fabrik a remporté l'Award IF Design pour notre produit phare, le YA'Fi sac de frappe et tour d'entraînement autoportée ! Cette prestigieuse récompense célèbre l'excellence du design et l'innovation dans la catégorie produit de sport, et nous sommes honorés d'avoir été sélectionnés parmi des concurrents du monde entier. 

Odoo • une photo avec une légende


We had a real crush on this unique, original and high-performance product and decided to start making it. 

Developed in France by a team of combat sports specialists, the YA'Fi is a striking tower but not only, it is a real training partner. 

Boxing, Taekwondo, fitness, stretching... We tell you everything! 

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

The YA'Fi is, above all, a striking and self-supporting training tower dedicated to physical training and combat sports techniques. It is suitable for both amateur and professional athletes with an easy and intuitive handling. 


The structure of the YA'Fi is made entirely of foam for a 100% striking surface. A high-density pulsed foam that gently cushions blows and prevents musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The memory foam absorbs vibrations while providing a real striking sensation. 

In the lower part of the foam there are 4 concrete studs that load the YA'Fi at its base for an oscillating function up to 30° and without any fixation. 

Everything is covered with a vegan cover entirely handmade in our workshop.  

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The YA'Fi has been designed for vertical and horizontal use! It can be used both standing and on the ground such as to simulate a real fight during your training or for fitness exercises. 

Indeed, in addition to being an ideal partner, YA'Fi can also be used during cardio, strengthening or stretching sessions. Thanks to straps and handles cleverly distributed on the bag, you can hang a whole series of accessories and thus multiply the possibilities of exercises. 



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Foot-head techniques, grip, movement, power... work on your performance and weak points to improve in the practice and techniques of the combat sport of your choice.


Accessorized or not, the YA'Fi allows you to perform a large number of cardio and training exercises. The round shape of YA'Fi allows you to add challenge to traditional exercises with a balance game. 


Stretch your back with the YA'Fi: tilt it to the ground and then take advantage of its rounded shape to come and place your back or bust and release your body; possibility to slightly roll the YA'Fi.