Discover our French workshop for the manufacture of articles for sport: exceptional know-how, noble and durable materials. And to make each piece unique, we offer tailor-made customization.

Nous avons développé 3 gammes de produit pour que chacun de vous puisse trouver ce qui lui correspond et pratiquer l'activité qui lui fera autant de bien physiquement que mentalement.

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Beginner or expert, train from home in combat sports techniques. French boxing, English boxing, taekwondo... Work on and improve your performance with a strong opponent!

On s'échauffe et hop, en piste ! 

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If you want to improve your flexibility or your posture, stretching sessions will become your best ally.

Often too little practiced, stretching exercises are nevertheless very good for the body and the mind. Yes, yes, stretching also helps to relax and reduce stress!


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Even with rushing days, it's important to take a moment for yourself during the day or during the week. A physical activity that pleases you and makes you feel good mentally and physically.

We accompany you on a daily basis in your fitness sessions, yoga and meditation sessions with our well-being accessories!





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Maison & Objet 2023

YA'Fi se déshabille....

We took advantage of the Maison & Objet show, which was held in Paris in mid-January, to introduce visitors to the show to our latest addition to the workshop...

le YA'Fi "Couture". Dressed in a corset, delicately laced, he did not leave visitors indifferent!


YA'Fabrik is a production workshop located in the north of France. The project began in 2020 with the acquisition of the YA'Fi punching and training tower, then we took on the challenge of completing the range by creating new sports and well-being accessories.

In short, for us, YA'Fabrik is: designing and offering products on demand as close as possible to you with values ​​that resemble us!

Artisanal & local production

Cut and assembled by hand in our workshop by our leather worker Virginie and Léa.

An eco-responsible issue

We are working to create an environmentally friendly business.

Quality natural materials

Products made from natural, quality and sustainable raw materials.



Our product sheets and advice for use directly on your smartphone!

A completely free online app with videos of a few seconds (story style) to help you discover our products and/or practice your physical and well-being activities.